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Keylime Toolbox imports data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console to create the Traffic Dashboard. This dashboard provides a high level view of traffic sources so you can easily see how Google organic search fits into the overall mix.

Keylime Traffic Dashboard

You can also see how much “not provided” query/traffic data Keylime Toolbox has recovered and what that data can tell you about how Google organic search audiences find the site.

keylime not provided

Keylime Toolbox then takes the recovered query data to estimate ratios for total Google organic traffic: what percentage of traffic from branded vs. non-branded queries, what topic areas bring the most traffic, and the queries that bring the most traffic to the site.

Branded Traffic

Top Segments

Keyword ranking

You can choose to see all traffic or only traffic from desktop, mobile, tablet, or a combination of those devices by clicking Configure Report and then choosing the device options. By default, all devices are selected.

configure report options

Once you’ve selected a device, it will be listed beside the devices label:

device label
Keylime Toolbox uses source/medium data from Google Analytics and segments traffic as follows:

  • Organic search – All visits with a medium of organic.
  • Direct – All visits for which the source is direct.
  • Referral – All visits for which the medium is referral, excluding those visits for which source matches a social media property.
  • Social – All visits for which the medium is one of the following or the medium is referral and the source is one of the following (excluding those visits for which medium is paid):
    • facebook
    • linkedin
    • plus
    • twitter
    • feed
    • tumblr
    • slideshare
    • pinterest
    • reddit
    • weibo
    • fark
    • digg
    • stumbleupon
    • quora
    • instagram
    • classmates
    • tweetmeme
    • tweetDeck
    • myspace
    • hootSuite
    • hi5
    • hacker news
    • goodreads
    • foursquare
    • flickr
  • Paid – All visits for which the medium is one of the following:
    • cpc
    • ppc
    • display
    • banner
  • Email – All visits for which the source or medium include mail.
  • Other – All visits that didn’t fit into another category.

Segmentation information is based on defined query segments.

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