The Power Of Search: Driving Traffic To Your Blog

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When I was speaking at BlogHer on Friday, the thing people wanted to know about most was how to actually implement the things we were talking about.

I talked about the basics of what you should look at in your site to help you get traffic through search engines, and I did a fairly comprehensive write up of the subject when I spoke at BlogHer Business in March, so this time, I thought I’d jump right into some examples of implementation.

Why should you care about being found through search engines? Well, a lot of people are searching out there. According to comScore, Americans did 8 billion searches in June 2007. [2015 update: Americans did over 17 billion searches on desktop devices alone in October 2015.]

Each search is for something specific and if you can provide exactly what someone is looking for, you’ve gained a loyal visitor who will keep coming back and will spread the word (and maybe some links) about your site.

So how do you make sure your site shows up for these searches?

You should look at three things:

  1. Relevance
  2. Discoverability
  3. Crawlability


You can also check out the presentation Elise Bauer and I did, as well as get lots more about what Elise covered (the technology around community building) on her site.

Happy blogging!

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