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The Account Summary shows all sites at a glance, along with overall traffic and average position data (the latest week compared to the previous week, month, and year). Click a site to view the various reports and analysis available.



The total traffic (“GA Total”) displayed on the dashboard is the actual total visits the site received from Google organic search. This metric is available only if Google Analytics is integrated for the site. If GA is not integrated, then Keylime Toolbox shows Google-Provided traffic, which is the traffic provided by Google Search Console, and may not be 100% of all Google organic traffic to the site.

The average rank is not a useful metric on its own but is a ten-thousand-foot view of the reporting group’s ranking and is useful to tracking trends (is ranking generally up or down?). Keylime Toolbox takes the average ranking position of the reporting group for each query and then calculates an average across all queries.

The site(s) in the reporting group will  rank well for some queries and not as well for others (especially untargeted queries), so the actual average position is too vague to be valuable. However, what is valuable is the trend. Is ranking generally going up or down? Has it changed a lot?

The other Keylime Toolbox reports enable you to dig deeper into more specific ranking metrics.

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