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The Query Details tab provides detailed information about each query in a segment from both Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Once you choose a query segment and a date range, this tab provides summary information about that segment (including where the queries from the segment rank).

Query Details Summary


The next section displays average ranking distribution for the segment.

Ranking Distribution


The last section of the page lists the specific queries that make up that segment (from both data sources), and the associated data.

Google Search Console Data:

Google Search Console


Google Analytics Data:

Google Analytics

You can download queries and associated data (all queries, queries filtered by device and/or segment, or queries matching a custom filter) to Excel by clicking the Filter and Download Queries button.



Summary Tab

The Summary tab provides a high level view of the uncovered data.

The rest of this page lists the calculations for the summary data.

Segment Summary

The Segment Summary tab aggregates the data from each tab so you can see segment-level performance at a glance.


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