Google Search Console and Google Analytics Data:
Google Search Console and Google Analytics integration
Unlimited (aggregated) Google Search Console data from subfolders and subdomains
Unlimited queries
Surfacing of “not provided” queries from aggregated and de-duplicated Google Search Console data
Historical data storage
Google Search Console data downloads,
Available as a daily or monthly email.
Branded and unbranded query segmentation
Additional query segmentation for all reports
5 segments
20 segments
5 segments
Reports and Analysis:
Account Summary:
Single view of traffic and average ranking for all sites in account
Weekly email with latest trends and issues
Traffic Dashboard:
Traffic data segmented by channel. Branded vs. Non-branded Google organic search traffic, average ranking, and bounce rate. Top keyword rankings over time.
Query Details:
Individual keyword data as downloadable Excel files, including "not provided" recovery calculations, and SEO and engagement metrics by query segment
SEO Metrics:
Traffic estimates per query segment, comparisons by segment, date, and trended date ranges
SEO Trends:
Traffic, ranking, impressions, query coverage, and click through rate by query segment
Click Through Rate:
Click through rate data by segment and ranking position, charted over time
Market Opportunity Forecast:
Calcuation of traffic impact of SEO investments
Custom Segmentation Tool:
Unlimited query segmentation for any date range, downloadable to Excel
Crawl Analytics:
Analysis of server log files for search engine bot behavior, trended over time and downloadable to Excel
Account Set Up:
Unlimited users
Initial and ongoing query segment configuration
Discounted pricing for drill-down data by subfolder
Personalized training and support
Customized user access
Customizable account-level dashboards
Tiered account access (global, account manager, client)
Monthly cost per reporting group
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