Using the Keylime Toolbox API to Augment Internal Reporting

Keylime Toolbox provides robust reporting about how your site performs in Google organic search by recovering “not provided” query data, segmenting queries into branded, non-branded, and topical categories, and charting SEO trends (such as ranking, impressions, and click through rate) over time.

However, some of our customers use this data as part of larger internal reporting systems or analyze the data in ways other than are available within the Keylime Toolbox interface. Several types of data are available for offline use.

API-Based Aggregated Query and URL Data + Crawl Analytics

The Keylime Toolbox API provides programmatic access to three types of data as daily files:

  • Aggregated query data from Google Search Console:
  • Aggregated URL data from Google Search Console:
    • Separate file for each reporting group, containing aggregated URL data for all domains, subdomains, and subfolders in that group.
    • Duplicate URL data from subfolders is removed.
  • Crawl analytics data from Keylime Toolbox processing of search engine bot behavior from your site’s server logs (if your account includes this module):
    • A full list of all URLs crawled by each search engine, segmented by status  code
    • All parameters in crawled URLs, grouped by parameter

You can import this data into your data warehouse and slice it different ways, integrate it with other data you have, and use it in any way you’d like!

Weekly Metrics Via Email

Keylime Toolbox sends an email each week with metrics about the previous week for each reporting group (compared to the previous month). This email provides similar data as available from the Traffic Dashboard.

Traffic Dashboard

It also includes the distribution of branded vs. unbranded Google organic traffic and details on the top topic areas that brought Google organic traffic to the site (using recovered query data).

Keylime Weekly Email

Google Search Console API-Based Data (Via Email or Download)

Through Google’s API, Keylime Toolbox retrieves and stores Google Search Console data (such as crawl errors, HTML improvements, and link data) each week. You can either download these files manually from the Keylime Toolbox Downloads tab when you need them, or can have them emailed to you daily or monthly. The advantages of using Keylime Toolbox to access these files over Google Search Console directly are:

  • Historical storage – Keylime Toolbox stores previous versions of these files so you can access them at any time to chart trends, identify patterns, and investigate issues.
  • Ease of access – you can download all of the files in one place (or have them all emailed to you as a compressed file) rather than navigate to each report in Google Search Console and download each file separately.
  • Additional data – in some cases, the data available through Google’s API is greater than that available through their user interface. For instance, the web crawl errors reports include “linked from” data, which identifies broken internal links and sites that are linking to your incorrectly in one easy spreadsheet. In the Google Search Console interface, “linked from” data is available only via a popup and only for individual URLs.

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