Want to Track Over 1 Million Queries a Month For Better SEO Monitoring? The Latest Keylime Toolbox Updates Help Recover Even More “Not Provided” Query Data

Over 1 million queries a month? Well, OK, your site has to get Google organic traffic traffic from  more than a million queries a month in order for Keylime Toolbox to recover that much data, but no matter how much traffic your site gets, Keylime Toolbox can help recover a lot of that “not provided” data for better insight into your site’s SEO performance and your audience’s needs.

Keylime Toolbox maximizes the data available from Google’s API (using API filters), recovers even more data by aggregating and deduplicating query data from subfolders, and adds any unique queries provided by Google Analytics.

Keylime Toolbox stores and tracks all available query data. On average, Keylime Toolbox imports nearly 17,000 queries for each site each day, but the actual number of queries available varies based on the site size, how much long tail traffic the site gets, and how many subfolders have been added to Google Search Console (the maximum number of unique queries Keylime Toolbox imported for a single site in a single day in March 2016 was 287,422).

For some sites, this enables Keylime Toolbox to track over 1 million unique queries per month (in some cases, substantially more).

We’re always working behind the scenes to make Keylime Toolbox even more useful. If you haven’t checked it out in a while, read on for what we’ve launched lately. Set up a free 14 day trial (monthly subscriptions start at just $49/month per site) and see how useful Keylime Toolbox can be for you.

Key SEO Metrics

What does Keylime Toolbox do with all of this query data? Keylime Toolbox makes Google Search Console query data tons more useful by storing historical data, segmenting queries into topics, charting key SEO data points over time, and incorporating Google Analytics data.

Branded and Unbranded Search


This foundation enables valuable SEO reporting, issues investigation, keyword research gap analysis, ROI calculations, and lots more.

Traffic Dashboard

SEO Metrics

New! Expanded Query Data

A foundation of Keylime Toolbox has always been recovering “not provided” query data. As Google’s API has evolved, Keylime Toolbox has evolved along with it. And that means Keylime Toolbox is recovering a lot of query data.

Below are some examples of recovered “not provided” data:

From 6% provided to 58% provided:

Not Provided

From 4% to 69% provided:

Not provided

Reports aggregate all data into lots of great graphs and segmented Excel files and CSV files (available as downloads or through the Keylime Toolbox API) provide filtered dimensional data for device type (desktop, mobile, table) and search type (web, image, video).

New! Mobile App Stats

In May 2015, Google Search Console added support for app indexing stats. Keylime Toolbox added support for this data as well. Just add your app to Keylime Toolbox and in addition to providing the standard SEO reports, Keylime Toolbox will also store search appearance data (search result link and install app button) and make it available through downloadable CSVs and the Keylime Toolbox API.

Mobile App Search Appearance

New! Custom Date Ranges

You can now generate reports for any date range you’d like (and can compare those ranges). This is useful for all kinds of reporting and investigation. The longer you’re subscribed to Keylime Toolbox, the more useful this data becomes, as Keylime Toolbox stores historical Google Search Console data beginning with 90 days before sign up (as far back as the data is available).

Custom Date Ranges

New! Everything is a Lot Easier and Faster

We’ve made tons of improvements to load the reports more quickly and make it easier for you to make configuration changes like adding sites and users to your account. We’re always improving so let us know what you’d like to see next by emailing us at hello@keylimetoolbox.com.

To see more of what Keylime Toolbox has to offer:



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