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The Market Opportunity Forecast uses estimated total traffic per segment and (optional) user-defined conversion rate and revenue data to predict the impact of SEO efforts that would result in rankings improvements.

Keylime Toolbox uses query distribution per query segment (how does the site rank for the queries in each segment and how many impressions does each query get) and average click through rates at each ranking position for each query segment to calculate the expected traffic change if average rankings changed.

This data can help you determine where to spend your SEO efforts. What topic area has the most opportunity in traffic, conversion, and revenue?


market opportunity forecast

In the example above, increasing the average ranking for beginner-related queries would result in an estimated monthly increase of 26,7859 visits, an additional 268 conversions, and an additional $2,678 in revenue.

Click any query segment for details on the calculations used in the estimates.

Forecast Model


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