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Keylime Toolbox downloads all available reports from the Google Search ConsoleĀ API each week and makes these files available, along with the raw daily query and URL files.

These files are available for all subfolders in Google Search Console. You can download them via the Keylime Toolbox interface or you can choose to have a compressed file of all reports for all subfolders emailed to you daily or monthly.

To download individual files, click the Downloads tab, navigate to the property for which you want to download data. You can then select a date and the specific file you’re looking for (query data, URL data, web crawl errors, etc.).

To have the files emailed to you, choose Settings from the menu under your name (in the upper right) and then Mail Settings from the left menu.

Mail settings are available at the account level, so you’ll receive an email for either all sites in your account or none of them.


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