Keylime Toolbox gathers queries and related SEO data from Google’s API. To surface the most query data possible, Keylime Toolbox processes not only top-level domain data, but also data for all levels of subfolders and then aggregates and deduplicates the data for the most complete view possible.

Add your site to Google Search Console (if it isn’t added already) and add the Keylime Toolbox API as a user ( Add all major subfolders and subdomains to Google Search Console.

The bad news: it’s a little tedious to add all the subfolders.

The great news: once you’ve done that, Keylime Toolbox can surface substantially more query data (typically significantly more than is available in analytics).

You can always start with just your root domain and see how much “not provided” query data Keylime Toolbox is able to recover, and then add subfolders later.

  1. Gather a list of all subfolders (and sub-subfolders…) on your domains and subdomains. Examples of subfolders include:
    • parts of your site are secure and other parts are not secure, make sure that you’ve added both the http and https versions of the site. If your site includes subdomains, make sure those are added as well (and any subfolders of those subdomains).
  2. Log into Google Search Console with an account that has ownership access to your domain/subdomains. Select ‘Add or remove users’ from the ‘Manage site’ menu located to the right of each domain and subdomain.Add User
    Click ‘Add a New User’ in the upper left corner and add with either restricted or full permission.Add UserAdd User Details
  3. Add the subfolders you gathered in step 1 as sites in Google Search Console. (Google autoverifies the subfolders when you add them from an ownership account.)
  4. Email with a list of the subfolders you have added.

Google keeps 90 days of data stored for all domains so Keylime Toolbox can begin providing analytics for the domain as soon as we have access. However, Google only begins storing data for subfolders when they are added, so data collection and storage in Keylime Toolbox begins on the date the subfolders are added. You’ll begin to see comprehensive query data from the aggregation of this subfolder data about a week after the subfolders are added.