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If Google Analytics data is integrated into the reporting group, Keylime Toolbox provides total traffic from Google organic search and estimates the total traffic for each query segment. Below are details on how Keylime Toolbox determines total estimated traffic for each segment.

Keylime Toolbox records total traffic from Google organic search from Google Analytics data, but Google Analytics does not provide the associated query for most of this traffic. Keylime Toolbox imports all available query data from Google Search Console. This data is typically less than 100% of the site’s Google organic traffic. We’ve seen it as low as 15% and as high as 95%. (The exact percentage available for your reporting groups is the “provided traffic in Keylime” percentage on the Traffic Dashboard.)


Here’s example data from a reporting group that contains one site:

  • 10,000 visits from Google organic search (reported by Google Analytics)
  • 8,000 visits from Google Search Console-reported queries

For this example site, the “Provided Traffic in Keylime” percentage would be 80% and 8,000 visits.

Keylime Toolbox categorizes all of the queries into defined segments and determines the percentage of traffic for each segment compared to the total provided by Google Search Console.

For our example site, the “Branded” segment contains 100 queries for a total of 5,000 visits. Keylime Toolbox calculates the “Branded” segment to be 62.5% (5,000 is 62.5% of 8,000).

Keylime Toolbox also calculates the “estimated total visits” from “Branded” queries to be 6,250 (62.5% of 10,000 visits).

There’s no way to know what queries are associated with the 2,000 “not provided” visits in this example, so estimating based on known data is the best option for historical trends and overall metrics.

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