Note: These options are only available to Admin users. If you are unsure who the admins are in your organization, please email for help.

Add Reporting Group or Domain

Keylime Toolbox organizes reports by reporting group. A reporting group can contain one or more “sites”. A site can be a:

  • root domain (like
  • subdomain (like
  • subfolder (like,, or

For more details see Understanding Keylime Toolbox Data.

Add a New Reporting Group To Your Account

To add a reporting group to your account (typically this is a separate domain, but could also be a subfolder or subdomain), do the following

  1. In the top right menu next to  your name, choose Settings, then choose Reporting Groups from the menu on the left.
  2. Click the Create a Reporting Group link.
  3. Add the first site you would like to be included in the reporting group (ensure you enter it as it resolves (for instance as or and so on).
  4. Enter the Google Analytics property ID and view ID of the profile that corresponds to that site (if applicable).
  5. To include additional domains, subdomains, or subfolders in the reporting group, click the Add a site (domain/subdomain/subfolder) to this reporting group link and repeat steps 3 and 4.
  6. Add the domain(s), subfolder(s), and/or subdomains that you would like the reporting group to contain to Google Search Console, then add as a user of each. (You can find out more about that process here).
  7. Add as a user of each Google Analytics profile.
  8. To add another reporting group, click the Add Another Reporting Group button. Otherwise, click the Next button.
  9. Review the summary information and click the Accept button. Keylime Toolbox will begin importing and processing the data and you’ll receive an email once the reporting group is ready.
  10. To edit the reporting group (to add or delete sites or to add or change the Google Analytics IDs, access the Reporting Groupst list in settings and then click the View/Edit Sites/Subfolders link to the right of the reporting group name.