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Surface Queries Hidden in “Not Provided” Data

Recover the queries that are increasingly hidden due to secure search. Better understand your audiences’ needs and how well you are solving their problems. In many cases, the “not provided” percentage is reduced from around 90% to less than 50%. Learn how we do it.

SEO Metrics That Matter

Keylime Toolbox tracks all queries, not just a static subset, which ensures you have a complete, un-skewed view of SEO performance. Track branded and unbranded search over time. Monitor search results performance (ranking and click through rate) as well as on site engagement (bounce, time on site, and so on) by each topic area.

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SEO analytics that bring together Google Search Console/Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics data for better customer insights and SEO metrics.

“Keylime Toolbox offers easily consumable and highly configurable options for getting at your most important SEO metrics quickly. With these tools, we are able to spend more time on SEO analysis and strategy and less time gathering metrics. Keylime Toolbox is an invaluable resource to AllRecipes for optimizing our keywords and assuring SEO best practices.”

-Barb Antonio, VP of Engineering

“Since our company’s founding, our most important partnership has been with Vanessa Fox and the education and tools her company offers. Keylime Toolbox gives us insight into query data we lost due to “not provided”. Being able to to track segmented queries and associated SEO data lets us separate rankings changes from seasonality. With Keylime Toolbox, we aren’t in the dark with measuring our SEO performance and understanding our visitors who come from Google organic search. Turning Vanessa Fox’s SEO knowledge and approach into education and software that anyone can tap into is a win-win for any business that cares about SEO.”

-Matt Heist, CEO

“I’ve worked with cofounder Vanessa Fox since the early days of Google Webmaster Central. She knows SEO data in and out. With Keylime Toolbox, she’s built software that helps organizations not just optimize SEO, but better understand the entire audience experience: what audiences are looking for, how they interact with the site on the search results page, and how they engage on the site once they click.”

-Maile Oyhe, Google Webmaster Tools Senior Developer Support