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Plans and Pricing


Google Webmaster Tools Data:
Unlimited subfolders and subdomains
Unlimited queries
Surfacing of “not provided” queries from aggregated and de-duplicated Google Webmaster Tools data
Historical data storage
Google webmaster tools data downloads:
Expanded crawl errors, link data, and more.
Available as a daily or monthly email.
Reports and Analysis:
Google Analytics integration
Branded and unbranded query segmentation
Unlimited query segmentation
Individual keyword data: SEO and visit metrics
Downloadable Excel files with combined query data (from Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics), including "not provided" recovery calculations, and engagement metrics by query segment
Traffic estimates per query segment, comparisons by segment, date, and trended date ranges
SEO data (ranking, impressions, and click through rate) by query segment
Click through rate data by segment and ranking position, charted over time
Weekly email with latest trends and issues
Forecasting of traffic impact of SEO investments
Crawl analytics that analyze server log files for search engine bot behavior
Account Set Up:
Initial and ongoing query segment configuration
Drill-down data by subfolder
Personalized training and support
Unlimited users
Customized user access
Customizable account-level dashboards
Tiered account access (global, account manager, client)
Monthly cost for one domain

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