Keylime Tools User Guide

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Keylime Tools is a platform for helping you better understand your customers and their needs, measure SEO performance using actionable metrics, and to have useful data for investigating SEO issues.

A key component to Keylime Tools is uncovering “not provided” data. By expanding the queries available and using Google APIs to get data not available elsewhere (like impressions and click through rates), Keylime Tools provides a comprehensive picture of  of how your site performs in Google organic search.

Note that right now, Keylime Tools is focused specifically on Google organic search traffic and uses data from Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. (We plan to expand into other data sources soon!)

You can log into Keylime Tools at If you forget your password, just use the reset password link on the login screen. (If you forget your username, just email us at

Questions and Feedback

If you have any questions or feedback, email us at at any time.

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Keylime Tools Reports and Analysis